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Richard Easton | Since 2001

New York, NY | London, UK

Easton Bank SF | Since 1988

Sold to Merrill Lynch



Richard Easton created Easton Bank SF in 1988 then sold to Merrill Lynch. Since 2001 we are on Wall Street 23 years. 


We specialize in Wealth Enhancement (aka Trade Platforms or Private Placement Programs) to fund and stimulate economic Growth and Worthy Projects Worldwide.

See PRESS by The American Banker

Creating Wealth

Wealth Enhancement Programs

Short-Term Bullets $10M to $50M

Large Cap 40 Weeks $100M to $1B

Cash Remains in Client's Account

Instruments Already Issued $150M+

Simplified Procedures see Trade

Richard Easton by Law does no Solicit.

We do not offer to Sell or Buy Securities.

RE are Consultants not Licensed Brokers.

Activity vs Results

The Dealmakers

Richard Easton recognizes the differences between activity and results. Each Client brings unique preset objectives. Immediate Delivery to Client Satisfaction is our Mission.

Modern Workspace


Investor Reference

"Richard Easton is the Renaissance Man. 
To say that Richard Easton can see the big picture would not be enough:
Richard is the big picture."
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Tamara Totah - Investor

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