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Richard Easton
Wall Street NY NY
Established -- 1988

Investment Banking

Richard Easton is Wall Street investment banking with a thirty-five year track record in a thousand successes.

Our mission is to deliver those who need capital to our investors who provide liquidity, and relationships with people we know and trust. Often it's who you know.


What we know combined with who we know equals the difference between activity and results. We get Results.


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Money Never Sleeps
Services of Expertise

M&A -- especially targeting, negotiations and transaction management in volatile, hostile or ego-driven situations. 

Proof Up Funds $10 Million to $30 Billion secures purchases of commodities to companies before capital is ready. 

Capital Investment for growing companies via financing or private investing or mergers and acquisitions.  

Consulting to C-Level Executives hourly or monthly specifically relating to the above areas of expertise. 

Let's start with a conversation. Consultations all Services.

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Banking Since 1988

The American Banker

"Richard Easton entered Wall Street through the back door. Easton founded a San Francisco bank in 1988 with his own money and signature LC.


When he was ready to sell in 1999, no advisory firm was quick enough, so he sold Easton Bank in three weeks to Merrill Lynch for all cash.

'If you have something someone wants, offered at a fair price with transparency, then acquisitions are easy,' says Easton.

We visited Richard Easton in his new digs at 14 Wall Street. M&A has a new team in town."

The American Banker 2001


M&A Reference
Watermark Bank N.A.

"Richard Easton represented me in my sale of the largest FHA Bank to the largest VA Bank.


The deal fell apart a dozen times. Everyone from greedy executives to intolerant attorneys tried to blow up our deal. No one was happy. 


Easton never faltered. They kept their eye on the ball moving downfield to a closing. Managing all that testosterone, a sea of angry pirates, was what held this deal together. 


If you are thinking M&A, hire Richard Easton."