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M&A PPE Advisory

Established 2001

The American Banker

"Richard Easton entered Wall Street M&A through the back door. His is a story worth telling to those who think a Wharton or Harvard MBA is the only pathway.


Easton founded a San Francisco bank in 1988 with his own money and a signature LOC for $15M. When he was ready to sell in 1999, no advisory firm was quick enough, so he sold Easton Bank himself in three weeks to Merrill Lynch all cash for a 16,000% ROI. Terms NDA.

'If you have something someone wants, offered at a fair price with total transparency, acquisitions are easy,' says Easton.

We visited Richard Easton in his new digs at 14 Wall Street, the old JP Morgan Building. Impressive. With 10 professionals at his side, M&A has a new team in town."

The American Banker 2001



Easton is advising buyers to 3M Direct Distributors for Masks and Cranberry Direct Distributors for Gloves. Deliverable Millions to Billions SGS A2A Close 3 days.

3M N95 1860 Masks are offered exclusively low as $1.79 On Ground US inclusive fees. 

3M N95 1860 Masks are offered exclusively low as $2.29 On Ground MX inclusive fees.

Cranberry 'evolve' Nitrile Gloves '300 per box' low as (18.95 Sold Out) $20 On Ground US inclusive fees.

Updated: September 20, 2020 ~

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There comes a time when owners decide they've taken their companies as far as they can, or to do something more, or to turn the page on a new chapter. We know how it feels to build a company from scratch and then sell. We promise a great exit strategy at a fair price whether advising the buyer or seller in a merger or acquisition.


The infusion of growth capital is the game-changer in modern never-ending competition. The old adage "It's not what you know but who you know" is as relevant today as ever. From private to institutional, Easton has relationships going back 40 years. We will not need to go find investors: we already know the perfect fit for each mission. 



  • Every transaction is only as fast as its slowest moving part, due diligence and contracts the biggest two.

  • We get out in front of these delays by laying the brick and mortar needed to close in advance of offers.

  • Our quickest close is five days. We believe time is of the essence. Everyone says that but we live by it.

  • Attorneys and Accountants are fundamental evils to any deal. Managing emotion is our profession. 

  • Easton represents boards of directors, c~executives and owners in the deal~making and closing processes. We are not your bankers. We are your wingmen. We ensure your successes.

  • The next step is a complimentary consultation. Always happy to offer references: Contact RE >

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"Richard Easton represented me in my sale of the largest FHA Bank to the largest VA Bank.


The deal fell apart a dozen times. It seemed like everyone from greedy executives to lawyers bankers tried to blow up our deal. No one was happy. No one.

Easton never faltered. They kept their eye on the ball continuously moving downfield to close.


Managing all that testosterone, a sea of angry pirates, was what held this deal together. If you are thinking of buying or selling, I have words of advice: Hire Easton."

- Details Withheld NCNDA