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Procedures Vary Widely


The Richard Easton Company has a dozen sets of Procedures. It is important to send the correct set pertinent to the proposed transaction.


RE delivers Procedures to the Principal i.e. Investor or Buyer after a mutual vetting call on Live Zoom.

Principals find our Procedures easy to transact. We wish we could publish SOPs, but too many get modified.


RE is Sell Side. Buy Side is Wide Open.


1. Provide your name, email, city, mobile, and your role in deal i.e. Principal, Agent to Principal, or Facilitator.


2. Describe Mission: AAA Trade Platform Cash or SBLC, or Petroleum type, method, quantity and location.


3. Text & Talk with us on WhatsApp. Please read About, Team, Press. Tee up a Zoom Call with the Principal.


4. Tough Principal? Okay. Describe Deal. Send KYC or CIS or CP with Contact. We will email SOP Direct.

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Banking & Acquisitions since 1988, at the same address on Wall Street since 2001. We do business with people we like.

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As seasoned professionals, we're known for two things:  master dealmakers and total transparency throughout.

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Anyone can say great things about themselves. So What? It's credible when respectable authorities say great things.

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