Team Easton values the difference between activity and results.

We are transaction experts in the art of dealmaking for 35 years. 


Richard Easton
Founder & Chief Executive

The American Banker wrote an article in 2001 about Richard Easton featured on the Press Page.


Richard Easton has closed a thousand transactions into the 100s of $Billions. Contact: +1-917-993-2456


Richard Easton Co | Since 2001

Wall Street Investment Bankers

Easton Bank SF | 1988 - 1999

Sold to Merrill Lynch

Karl Hamka
Chief  Financial Officer

Microsoft Corporation recruited Karl Hamka out of the University of Michigan with a Degree in Information Technology at the top of his class. Mr. Hamka climbed Microsoft's corporate ladder for 15 years specializing in actionable solutions among c-execs.

Mr. Hamka joined Richard Easton Co as a Partner with expertise in negotiations, operations, innovations, IT, joint ventures, manufacturing sectors, import/export, and due diligence. Contact: +1-313-516-3200

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Travis Luedke
Chief Trade Officer

Travis Luedke delivers expertise in wholesale import and export of commodities at the international level. 

Financing always plays a role in large purchases. To these successes, Mr. Luedke has created transactions from $10,000,000. into the Billions of Dollars. 

Travis Luedke joined Richard Easton Co as a Partner with hands-on experience in commodity trading and specifically financing. Contact: +1-210-314-0586

Kym Court, PhD
Chief  Marketing Officer

After earning her Doctorate in Business at ASU, Dr. Kym Court received Professorships from European Universities, investing her early career to lecturing at business schools and global companies on strategic international marketing across Europe and the US.

Kym Court was COO of an international commodities firm before joining the Richard Easton Co as Partner and Chief Marketing Officer focusing on petroleum trading internationally: +1-702-858-3781

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Richard Easton Partners
Chief Risk Management
Compliance Protocol Officer

TvH (name withheld) has 25 years of experience as a Risk Manager with a top tier insurance brand and now several banks. TvH is Chief Risk Management for HSBC, BNP Paribas or Barclays working with our Providers.

DM (name withheld) has 20 years of experience in the trading sector and is Compliance Protocol Officer for HSBC and Barclays AAA Trade Platform. DM has the final say if Investor/Instrument goes to Invitation TP.


London or NY or HK

Wide varieties of financial instruments are available from our Top Tier Banking Partner: POF, SBLC, DLC and Bank Guarantees.

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POF Account in Buyer and Company names.


It's your account to verify via Bank Statement, MT or Banker to Banker.


RE Co & Partners have a unique opportunity for AAA Trade Platforms with the most trusted name in banking worldwide: by Invitation Only. Let's talk.

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International and Offshore investments need special handling to achieve results.


There's no better than those expert at it for 200 years.