Team Easton values the difference between activity and results.

We are transaction experts in the art of dealmaking for 35 years. 


Richard Easton
Founder & Chief Executive

The American Banker wrote an article in 2001 about Richard Easton featured on the Press Page.


Richard Easton has closed a thousand transactions into the 100s of $Billions. Contact: +1-917-993-2456


Richard Easton Co | Since 2001

Wall Street Investment Bankers

Easton Bank SF | 1988 - 1999

Sold to Merrill Lynch

Karl Hamka
Chief  Financial Officer

Microsoft Corporation recruited Karl Hamka out of the University of Michigan with a Degree in Information Technology at the top of his class. Mr. Hamka climbed Microsoft's corporate ladder for 15 years specializing in actionable solutions among c-execs.

Mr. Hamka joined Richard Easton Co as a Partner with expertise in negotiations, operations, innovations, IT, joint ventures, manufacturing sectors, import/export, and due diligence. Contact: +1-313-516-3200



London or NY or HK

Wide varieties of financial instruments are available from our Top Tier Banking Partner: POF, SBLC, DLC and Bank Guarantees.

chase bank

POF Account in Buyer and Company names.


It's your account to verify via Bank Statement, MT or Banker to Banker.


RE Co & Partners have a unique opportunity for AAA Trade Platforms with the most trusted name in banking worldwide: by Invitation Only. Let's talk.

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International and Offshore investments need special handling to achieve results.


There's no better than those expert at it for 200 years.